Kickoff follow-up: UW–Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Program

Dear Colleagues,

On July 13, the Ancillary Systems Program (ASP) team officially kicked off the initiative to help ATP and AIP facilitate a seamless transition from PeopleSoft to Workday among campus units, divisions, departments and sub-departments. In the time since the team last met with you, they’ve made some significant strides that we would like to share.

Completed and ongoing work to date

  • ASP charter has been written and finalized.
  • The program is currently being staffed, including project managers, business analysts, and IT staff for the integrations, data lake, and build teams.
    • The team that will create HR and financial APIs (integration) has been selected and is currently undergoing training.
  • Our business analysts have reached out to many campus areas and ancillary system owners to identify and compile a list of ancillary systems on campus. As that list is being aggregated, the team will work with ATP, AIP and system owners to determine the best path forward for each ancillary system.
  • In concert with ODMAS and EAP, the Data Lake team is working to determine the most effective data collection and storage architecture for operational purposes.
  • The low/no code project team has been meeting regularly to discuss and review low/no code application development tools. These tools promise fast and easy automation for a variety of uses with little to no coding required. The team will be sending additional communications soon with information on how you can stay informed or assist.
  • The program dashboard, with a list of areas and ancillary systems, is up and running. View the dashboard here. (source:

Feedback loop

  • Share your thoughts! Don’t hesitate to submit feedback and questions. (source:
  • Stay informed by joining our mailing list. To subscribe, send an email with a blank subject line to
  • For questions, please reach out to

Thank you,
UW-Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Program (ASP)

Whitney Jacobson
Communications Specialist
DoIT Communications
Division of Information Technology
University of Wisconsin–Madison

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