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On July 1, 2024, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system Workday will be deployed across the UW–Madison campus and UW system, effectively replacing HR and finance PeopleSoft systems. Workday modernizes and streamlines enterprise human resource, finance, and research administration activities by providing process standardization and increased flexibility to its users. This enables them to spend less time on tedious, redundant tasks and more time on projects that better support teaching and learning.

The UW–Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Program is currently being developed in partnership with Administrative Transformation Program (ATP), Administration, Innovation, and Planning (AIP), and UW–Madison schools, colleges, institutes and divisions. The Madison Ancillary Systems team will review the more than 500 systems that currently interact with financial or HR data from PeopleSoft and ensure that, when the switch is made to Workday, their work continues, uninterrupted.

Some ancillary systems will be integrated into Workday, some will continue outside of Workday, some will be a combination of both, and others will be retired. Any of these scenarios will be completed in consultation with the system owners, and guidelines will be developed to determine the best solution for each.

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