UW–Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Program (ASP) introduction

In June 2024, UW–Madison’s HR and financial systems will move from PeopleSoft to Workday through the efforts of the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP). To assist in this effort and to help make for a seamless transition, the Ancillary Systems Program (ASP) team is working with campus units, divisions, departments and sub-departments that currently interact with HR or financial data from PeopleSoft to determine the best path forward.

What you need to know

  • An ancillary system consists of any system or application that uses or provides HR or financial data or utilizes UDDS (Unit-Division-Department-Sub-Department). An example ancillary system might be as simple as a spreadsheet that pulls in financial data.
  • ASP will identify and compile a list of ancillary systems on the UW–Madison campus. 
  • Working with Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) and Administration Innovation and Planning (AIP), the team will prioritize and develop effective solutions, including low-code/no-code options or software integrations, for these ancillary systems to continue their work, uninterrupted.
  • By June 2024, all identified and critical ancillary systems currently requiring HR or financial data will be transitioned to Workday, an integrated option, or retired.

Work-to-date (as of September 2022)

  • ASP charter has been written and finalized. 
  • Our business analysts have reached out to almost all campus areas (including schools, colleges, divisions)  and ancillary system owners to identify and compile a list of ancillary systems on campus. 
  • In concert with Office of Data Management & Analytics Services (ODMAS) and Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP), the Data Lake team is working to determine the most effective data collection and storage architecture for operational purposes. 
    • The Data Lake team assists in the effort to provide ancillary systems with a source of HR and finance data separate from Workday databases.
  • The program dashboard, with monthly activity updates, is up and running. View the dashboard here. (source: app.smartsheet.com).  Detailed information, including a list of all currently known ancillary systems, can be found on our metrics dashboard, but you will need to request access. View the metrics dashboard here

What you need to do

Download UW–Madison ERP Ancillary Systems Program (ASP) introduction (PDF)